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The Body Talks - Bookhero

The Body Talks

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Stop all this diet nonsense!! Whether you are overweight, underweight or suffering with a chronic illness or condition, this stunning programme reveals the extent that food intolerances, correct balanced eating and the need to heal your immune system have on finding your ideal weight and keeping it. Judy Cole, who cured herself from Multiple Sclerosis has helped hundreds of others heal themselves of weight problems and illnesses that defy modern medicine. She is a nutritionist and intuitive diagnostic with a truly amazing gift of talking directly to our bodies. After diagnosing over 2000 people, with over 1700 success stories, this programme comes straight from the horses mouth so to speak, about what really cures and sustains ideal weight. The easy to follow effective programme outlined in this book is both a revolution and a long overdue return to common sense
Author: Judy Cole
ISBN: 9781904566267
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 0 x 0