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Our “Books&Breaks initiative” allows companies to offer this cool monthly service to their employees.

What happens?BookHero visits its head office premises with OVER 1000 books for 3-4 hours so employees can access and buy them during their breaks. Most of the books are priced at AED 10 and AED 20. The intention is to encourage them to read and foment the health benefits that come with reading.

If you are a representative of an organization that would like to arrange a Books&Breaks event for its employees, all you need to do is choose a date for the event and send an email out to your employees and we will arrange everything else. On the decided date, BookHero will come and set up its collection of books within one hour. The books are on display for purchasing for about 3 hours giving people enough time to pass by whenever they can.

Our Books&Breaks services also allow employees to sell or recycle their unwanted books to us.

We also offer hosting companies the opportunity to partner with us on a few small CSR initiatives like "The Traveling Hero". If you are interested, please ask us for details.

How can companies benefit from BookHero’s activities?

It has been scientifically proven that reading has endless therapeutic benefits for all. Permitting reading breaks not only stimulates creativity but also offers health benefits like improving one's mood and lowering blood pressure. Frequent reading breaks allow creativity to flourish.

If you are a company willing to take the next step, please contact us HERE

Help us build a reading nation!