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Ultrafit: The Total Fitness Manual - Bookhero
Ultrafit: The Total Fitness Manual - Bookhero

Ultrafit: The Total Fitness Manual

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Looking to get in shape? The experts at the world renowned Gold’s Gym have compiled all the essential information to bring you the Total Fitness Manual. This definitive guide to fitness, strength training and nutrition will help you find the new you in no time.

The Total Fitness Manual combines every bit on info you need to get in shape- and stay in shape for life. You can take the 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge for dramatic, proven results, or create your own fitness routine from the book’s wealth of information on strength training, cardio, nutrition, flexibility, and more.

Cardio: Whether you’re interested in cardio machines, classes, swimming, or running, you have more options than ever for getting a heart-pumping workout, and this book breaks down your options and helps you choose the best for your needs.

Pumping Iron: Lifting weights isn’t the same for everyone; some are looking to tone up where others are aspiring to body builder status. No matter what, you need to know the correct techniques to avoid injury and know what exercises work which muscles whether you’re using bodyweight alone, gym machines, or a home barbell set.

Nutrition: Hydration and diet are just as important as getting to the gym, but are often not given enough attention. Gold’s Gym is here to ensure you have enough calories to burn, have the best post workout snacks, find the protein shake that’s right for you, utilize crucial hydration tips and more.

Recovery: Stretch properly, know when to schedule a rest day—or a massage!—and stay injury free.

The 12-Week Challenge: Every year, Gold’s challenges its members to commit to achieving their goals—in just 3 months. For the first time, this program is available in a book, with clear instructions, and advice on how to tailor the program to your goals.

Pick up your copy of the Total Fitness Manual and get training today!
Author: John Sheperd
ISBN: 9780713666779
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 19 x 260