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The Waitress

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Katie Simmonds wants to be a film director. Last week she wanted to be a writer, the week before that an educational psychologist, and the week before that a florist. Katie isn't short of ambitions, but none of her ambitions are to be a waitress. Unfortunately, Katie Simmond's is a waitress. Hassled by customers, badly paid and stuck with the boss from hell. Katie's life isn't turning out as she'd planned. And a career choice isn't the only commitment she has problems with. But just when she thinks things can't get any worse, the cafe where she works is taken over by the last man in the world she wants to see again. Maybe Katie's been waiting at tables and waiting for Mr. Right for far too long. . .
Author: Melissa Nathan
ISBN: 9780099427988
Format: Paperback
Pages: 510
Dimensions: 110 x 176