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The Secrets Of Happiness - Bookhero
The Secrets Of Happiness - Bookhero

The Secrets Of Happiness

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From the bestselling author of Summer at Shell Cottage and The Beach Cafe; a tale of what it means to be protected and saved by those you love.Rachel and Becca might share the same birthday but that doesn't make them twins. They're stepsisters, forced together as children - and they couldn't be more different.Rachel's always sailed through life, picking up a trophy husband, three gorgeous children, a big house and her own business along the way. Becca, meanwhile, has lurched from one dead-end job to another and is about to be made homeless by her landlord. (Don't even ask about her lovelife.)The stepsisters live far apart these days - one north, one south - and rarely speak... until one day Becca gets a call to say that Rachel has had a stroke and needs help. Becca heads south - she has nothing better to do - but arrives to discover that Rachel's life is not quite so perfect as she always thought. The husband has gone awol, the children are all rebelling, there are anti-depressants in the bathroom cabinet and none of Rachel's friends seem to want to know her.Becca steams in, thinking she can solve everything but inevitably creates more chaos. And as she tries to untangle her sister's messy life, she discovers some uncomfortable truths about her own...
Author: Lucy Diamond
ISBN: 9781509813643
Format: paperback
Pages: 352
Dimensions: 34 x 234