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The Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy - Bookhero
The Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy - Bookhero

The Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy

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The pharaohs of ancient Egypt used magnets to preserve youth and well-being, and so did the Romans (for eye diseases), Chinese (for swollen joints), and Japanese. Now, for the sake of our health, it's time to take a fresh look at an old therapy. Magnets can improve blood flow and digestion, relieve night cramps and other localized pain, help acupuncture work more effectively, enhance the success of both low- and high-tech remedies, and neutralize the imbalances in our systems caused by electrical appliances. Harness this invisible energy properly, choosing from the different types of magnet and knowing what effect each pole will have on the body: the north-seeking red (or yang) side will stimulate, while the other blue side will sedate or calm. Treat yourself during sleep, or simply by wearing certain kinds of jewelry, and find "magnet medication" for specific problems, from infections to broken bones to migraines. Illustrated charts show where to place the magnets, the locationS of the meridians, and the cycle of energy flow. And, a surprise for gardeners: magnets will even make your flowers grow better!
Author: Peter Rose
ISBN: 9781841810041
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 0 x 260