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The Poisonwood Bible - Bookhero
The Poisonwood Bible - Bookhero

The Poisonwood Bible

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The year is 1959 and the place is the Belgian Congo. Nathan Price, a Baptist preacher, has come to spread the Word in a remote village reachable only by airplane. To say that he and his family are woefully unprepared would be an understatement: 'We came from Bethlehem, Georgia, bearing Betty Crocker cake mixes into the jungle,' says Leah, one of Nathan's four daughters. But of course it isn't long before they discover that the tremendous humidity has rendered the mixes unusable, their clothes are unsuitable and they've arrived in the middle of political upheaval as the Congolese seek to wrest independence from Belgium. In addition to poisonous snakes, dangerous animals, and the hostility of the villagers to Nathan's fiery take-no-prisoners brand of Christianity, there are also rebels in the jungle and the threat of war in the air. Could things get any worse?
In fact they can and they do. The first part of "The Poisonwood Bible" revolves around Nathan's intransigent, bullying personality and his effect on both his family and on the village they have come to. As political instability grows in the Congo, so does the local witch doctor's animus toward the Prices, and both seem to converge with tragic consequences about halfway through the novel. From that point on, the family is dispersed and the novel, told by Nathan's wife and daughters, follows each member's fortunes across a span of more than 30 years.
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
ISBN: 9780571201754
Format: Paperback
Pages: 640
Dimensions: 126 x 194