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The Millionaire Zone
The Millionaire Zone

The Millionaire Zone

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Most get-rich books focus on one artificial technique that will supposedly make you a millionaire. Openshaw's seven-pronged plan, based on research of the Forbes 400 Richest and surveys of over 3,000 Americans, teaches you how to redefine your comfort zone and avoid the excuses that hold so many of us back. You'll learn how to use what's already at your fingertips--the people, places, and opportunities closest to you--to make money. Along with her seven winning strategies, she includes advice on: turningyour passions into profits; how to make people WANT to help you; three powerful ways to turn a "no" into a "yes"; how to connect with top decision-makers; how to create your own advisory board; and dealing with debt.--From publisher description.
Author: Jennifer Openshaw
ISBN: 9781401303259
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 278
Dimensions: 146 x 216