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The Man in the Mirror - Bookhero
The Man in the Mirror - Bookhero

The Man in the Mirror

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Brett King, Billionaire. Yeah, that's me. Once, I had everything: power, looks, fame, an obscene amount of money, a trophy wife, and a beautiful little boy. Then, in a blink of an eye my enviable life was taken away. I was left with nothing except my dirty money and my heart of stone. I looked in the mirror and could not recognize myself. God had a sense of humor. I was ugly inside and now I was ugly outside too. It was divine justice. I retreated to my castle in Wales and allowed no one to come face to face with me. My staff carried out my instructions and asked no questions. The only thing left to me was to acquire more money that I would never spend. The months passed and I grew accustomed to my isolation. As I roamed about alone I even began to appreciate the darkness of my life. I lost interest in the world outside the thick walls of my castle. Nothing held any interest for me anymore. Until she came. Charlotte Conrad, the nanny. At the end of every evening we communicated through the intercom system. She kept me informed about the progress she was making with my son, Zachary. I was just an employer listening to his employee, but slowly, insidiously, I began to imagine her young body; soft and sensuous against mine. I wanted to take her. I wanted to hear her talk dirty to me. I wanted her to unleash the wild, unrestrained animal that was lurking inside me. I was becoming addicted ...
Dimensions:18 x 203
Author: I.S. Creations | Caryl Milton | Nicola Rhead
ISBN: 9781910575857
Format: paperback
Pages 290