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The Last Gospel - Bookhero
The Last Gospel - Bookhero

The Last Gospel

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JACK HOWARD IS ABOUT TO DISCOVER A SECRET. PERHAPS THE GREATEST SECRET EVER KEPT WHAT IF one of the Ancient World's greatest libraries was buried in volcanic ash and then re-discovered two thousand years later? WHAT IF what was found there was a document that could shatter the very foundations of the Western World? WHAT IF you were the one who discovered this secret? And were then forced to confront terrifying enemies determined to destroy you to ensure it goes no further? David Gibbins electrifying new novel is the story of one last Gospel, left behind in the age of the New Testament, in the greatest days of the Roman Empire , and of its extraordinary secret, one that has lain concealed for years. Follow Jack Howard, man of action and the greatest archaeologist of his day, as he discovers the secret and must prevent others from doing the same...
Author: David Gibbins
ISBN: 9780755335169
Format: Paperback
Pages: 576
Dimensions: 112 x 176