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The Flopperty Bird - Bookhero
The Flopperty Bird - Bookhero

The Flopperty Bird

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The flopperty bird has a beautiful plume of tail feathers, and if you pluck one you can wish for anything in the world. But when the nasty witch hears of the bird's magic she wants some for herself and pulls a greedy trick that shocks the flopperty bird and his friends Winky and Longshanks.

The witch's evil plan is just one of many stories in this whimsical and eclectic collection from your favourite author. Timeless tales from Feefo and the Gossamer Elf, Curly the pixie, Dame Pitapat, Too-Thin the Magician, and many more will keep you engrossed in thrilling and fantastical worlds for hours on end.
Dimensions:15 x 200
Author: Enid Blyton
ISBN: 9780753726525
Format: paperback
Pages 189