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Links to The cryptopians by Shin Laura
Links to The cryptopians by Shin Laura

The cryptopians

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"This is the story of the idealists, technologists, and opportunists fighting to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Cryptocurrency was growing increasingly marginal until a brilliant new idea changed its fortunes once again: Ethereum. In this book, Laura Shin takes readers inside the creation of this new form of cryptocurrency network, which enabled users to launch their own new coins, and in so doing, created a new crypto fever. The fortunes of crypto continue to rise and fall, but the people fighting to take it mainstream are making and losing fortunes and careers on it. This book shows the crypto market for what it really is: a deeply personal struggle for a revolution that may come tomorrow, or not at all"--
Dimensions:38 x 244
Author: Shin Laura
ISBN: 9781541763012
Pages 496