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Links to The Contented Toddler Years by Gina Ford
Links to The Contented Toddler Years by Gina Ford

The Contented Toddler Years

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So you followed THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK to the letter and your baby behaved like a dream - at least for the first few months. But as your baby grows, so his or her routines and patterns change. In THE CONTENTED TODDLER YEARS Gina Ford addresses the many problems parents face in the first three years. From feeding and sleeping problems in the first year, including weaning and early-morning waking, to teething and potty training, Gina offers her invaluable down-to-earth advice. She shows you how to deal with tantrums, sibling jealousy and food fights and reveals how to build your child's self-esteem, as well as to discipline and teach him or her good manners. She also shows you how to make teeth-cleaning fun and to put an end to annoying habits such as thumb-sucking, nail-biting and eating dirt. THE CONTENTED TODDLER YEARS is essential reading for all parents who have already benefitted from Gina's advice and would like to tackle the difficulties they may encounter as their babies become confident children.
Dimensions:132 x 213
Author: Gina Ford
ISBN: 9780091912666
Format: Paperback
Pages 208