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The Accidental Marathon - Bookhero
The Accidental Marathon - Bookhero

The Accidental Marathon

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Thirtysomething Fleur Bonner has often wished for what she can't have. To be thinner. Taller. To be more successful. Instead, she has what she never wished for: a rock star for an estranged dad, a career selling fake antiques and a London flat with no central heating. And she certainly never wished for the chance to run, not even a few yards. But when she accidentally agrees to train for the London marathon, her impulsive decision seems a good idea in a life cut rather adrift. Perhaps, along with the misfits, the lost and the lonely who make up the Battersea Runners' Club, Fleur will find the focus that she seems to have lost. Before they get anywhere near the starting line, Fleur's cobbled-together existence is rudely ripped apart. From girl-about-town to jail-bird, her fall is swift and brutal. But what happened? And why? And will her cell door lock forever or will she find her freedom once again?
Author: Lucy Hawking
ISBN: 9780755306978
Format: Paperback
Pages: 306
Dimensions: 132 x 192