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Tassie and the Black Baron. - Bookhero
Tassie and the Black Baron. - Bookhero

Tassie and the Black Baron.

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Brutus, the dastardly Black Baron, has challenged his wimpy cousin to a duel—a duel to the death! But all poor Prince Billy really wants to do is marry Lady Violetzka, and maybe write some badly rhyming poems.  “Be proud my pounding heart, my knocking knees knock less. Stand firm my armour! (And my underpants and vest!) . . .”  Enter Tassie Ripley who travels back in time with a cunning plan to save the Prince. Her plan involves the hokey pokey, a talking horse, and a wax candle stuck to her head. With Tassie’s help, medieval history will read BRAVO FOR BILLY! and BASHINGS FOR BRUTUS! Readers will love the mad Ripley family—Tassie’s father ends up with his bottom stuck in a medieval toilet, and the diabolical Twins wreak havoc to save the day.
Author: Katie Roy
ISBN: 9781405242318
Format: Paperback
Pages: 287
Dimensions: 127 x 200