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Spiritual Capitalism

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A stunningly contrarian entry into the business book market, this powerful treatise defines a business philosophy with an extensive track record of creating corporate quantum performance. It challenges the reader to embrace a radical transformation that will enrich the company, its employees, and its shareholders. Michael Hendren's maverick and extraordinarily successful leadership style, centered on a compassionate but demanding spiritual love, is reflected in his Ten Commandments of Spiritual Capitalism. # l Define Business as a Spiritual Experience #2 Don't Shrink or Play Small in this World #3 Dare to Love and the Numbers Will Follow #4 Embrace Leadership as a Sacred Responsibility #5 Develop Management into an Art #6 Empower Them with Ownership #7 Transcend to the Higher Level #8 Don't Take It All So Seriously #9 Count Your Blessings #10 The Truth Will Set You Free He provides the theoretical and practical basis of this compelling approach to creating quantum performance as well as an intrinsically fulfilling professional environment. Unlike other business books written by consultants, academics, and those without a credible track record, Spiritual Capitalism details the transformative managerial strategies that will elevate business-as-usual's best practices into breakthrough quantum performance in everyday, real-world interactions. The unique power of SPIRITUAL CAPITALISM is in providing a profound path that can take anyone to a level of extraordinary achievement that offers not only an exceptional financial return but also enhanced meaning in your life. This wise business philosophy enriches the mind while it venerates the soul. Mr. Hendren's personal story of overcoming abackground of daunting obstacles to reach the pinnacle of professional and financial achievement dramatically illustrates the force behind his liberating approach to professional and personal transcendence. His impeccable track record with small, medium, and large companies in both domestic and international markets empirically validates this innovative and fulfilling philosophy on business and life
Author: Hendren | E. Michael
ISBN: 9780979546600
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 11 x 216