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Singing Neanderthals - Bookhero
Singing Neanderthals - Bookhero

Singing Neanderthals

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The propensity to make music is the most mysterious, wonderful, andneglected feature of humankind: this is where Steven Mithen began, drawing together strands from archaeology, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience--and, of course, musicology--to explain why we are socompelled to make and hear music. But music could not be explainedwithout addressing language, and could not be accounted for withoutunderstanding the evolution of the human body and mind. Thus Mithenarrived at the wildly ambitious project that unfolds in this book: anexploration of music as a fundamental aspect of the human condition, encoded into the human genome during the evolutionary history of ourspecies. Music is the language of emotion, common wisdom tells
Author: Steven Mithen
ISBN: 9780753820513
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Dimensions: 135 x 215