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Seven deadly colours - Bookhero
Seven deadly colours - Bookhero

Seven deadly colours

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"In this riveting new book from the acclaimed author of 'In the blink of an eye', Andrew Parker takes the colours of the spectrum as his keys to the natural world. In clear and accessible style he shows how colour plays a vital role in the struggle for life, and that Nature's palette is a far more miraculous thing then we had previously imagined: so miraculous, in fact, that it fools and misleads eyes all the time, both of animal predators and their prey. In doing so Parker demonstrates that Charles Darwin's concerns about the 'extreme perfection', of the eye were unfounded - it is far from perfect, and therefore perfectly compatible with his theory of evolution by natural selection. With vivid and fascinating examples of how colour has affected animals in different environments across the globe, 'Seven deadly colours', not only shows the endless wonder of the natural world but also extends our understanding of evolution itself." -- back cover.
Author: Andrew Parker
ISBN: 9780743259408
Formart: Paperback
Pages: 286
Dimension: 154 x 240