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Links to Sands of the Fire God by Matthew Silvester
Links to Sands of the Fire God by Matthew Silvester

Sands of the Fire God

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Refugees of an intergalactic war find asylum on the ancient home world system of the Amalakoori, race long retired from from Galactic affairs and long considered extinct.Forced to forge new lives, civilisations and theologies, without the aid of high technology or magic, for millennia, lost in a remote corner of the Galaxy the refugee's fight and war upon each other, reverting to Feudal states and the politics of Empires.The prohibition against technology and magic, along with the protection offered by giant warded cities left by the Amalakoori, the peoples of these new Empires are safe from discovery by the Demons of the CataclysmThe old worlds are soon forgotten, left only as legends and myths.But a new force has emerged in the galaxy, a savage iron age race with mastery of the ancient World gate system and stolen magic is bent on revenge and galactic hegemony.Building a bloody Federation of colonised planets from the shattered remnants of a thousand lost and broken civilisations, the Tular overlords lust for expansion and an relentless genetic drive for revenge against the Demons that devastated their world, eventually leads them to the Obsidian Gate, the only link to the Amalakoori worlds, and as the Tular believe, the original source of the Demons.But the refugee worlds are not like the other worlds, ten thousand years of war and empire building have prepared an enemy unlike the Tular, or their enslaved beast of war, have previously faced.New races, monsters, species and worlds.
Dimensions:152 x 229
Author: Matthew Silvester
ISBN: 9781099302503
Pages 436