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Other Women - Bookhero
Other Women - Bookhero

Other Women

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Three women, all very different, but each with their own problems. Jane is determined to save the family home for her children, despite the financial problems she has had since her husband's premature death. The only way she can survive is to sell off parcels of the property. So Sam has moved in next door, with her husband Ben, and is now marooned in the country with a teenage stepdaughter she resents. Down at the lodge, Bella and her family have been uprooted from London to follow her husband's dream of an idyllic new life in the country. But the cracks of their marriage are beginning to show. Each woman is drawn inexorably into the lives of the others, whether she likes it or not.
Author: Kirsty Crawford
ISBN: 9780752865065
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Dimensions: 113 x 178