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Naturally Gorgeous - Bookhero
Naturally Gorgeous - Bookhero

Naturally Gorgeous

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Most of us are aware of the importance of avoiding chemicals in our diet, but how many of us think to do the same for our beauty regime? This well informed book provides practical tips and advice on basic dietary, skin and hair care - the natural, ethical and organic way. Chapters include:

* Inner Beauty - health and beauty from the inside out: understanding nutrition, plant substances for beautiful skin, toxins and health, exercise, emotional beauty, the importance of water
* Skin - what it is, does and how to care for it organically
* Face - more specifics on how to treat identify and treat different skin types and problems, plus how to care for your eyes and lips
* Body - advice on body brushing, exfoliation, how to deal with cellulite and using deodorants. Includes tips on caring for hands and feet
* Hair and Scalp - plenty of tips for different types of hair, including how to treat various hair and scalp problems, plus information on essential oils
* Sun Care - how to understand SPF numbers and the difference between physical and chemical filters, supplement your diet for inner UV protection and self tan safely

Accessibly written and colourfully designed, this book adds up to an invaluable fund of beauty knowledge.
Author: Charlotte Vohtz
ISBN: 9780091922528
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 150 x 170