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Links to Masterstroke by Harry Alder | Karl Morris
Links to Masterstroke by Harry Alder | Karl Morris


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Technical golfing knowledge and a fresh, non-golf perspective are combined in this DIY manual for improving your game. Using step-by-step illustrations, the manual examines methods of improving your game by using your mind. Neuro-linguistic programming expert Dr Harry Alder and golf professional Karl Morris feature the experiences and comments of top golfers, and discuss how NLP can be used to deal with the top 50 questions of golfers everywhere. These include: why do I do so well in practice but not on the course? How can I stop shaking with nerves? Why are my scores so inconsistent? Why do I play so badly when I am trying to impress somebody? How can I improve if I don't have time to practise? How can I consistently do better?
Dimensions:136 x 216
Author: Harry Alder | Karl Morris
ISBN: 9780749917159
Format: Paperback
Pages 176