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Gifts from the Pharaohs - Bookhero
Gifts from the Pharaohs - Bookhero

Gifts from the Pharaohs

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In this scholarly yet accessible work, Desroches Noblecourt substantiates how the fundamental ideas, principles, and beliefs on which Western civilization is based originated in ancient Egypt. From the symbol of the lion as king of the animals to the design of Greek columns, she traces the evolution of ideas back to the pre-Christian era in Egypt. Anubis, with his head of a black dog, is an earlier form of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, while Saint George mounted on his horse slaying the dragon echoes Tutankhamen launching his harpoon. Even the customary kiss on New Year's Day was first practiced by the Egyptians. Egyptian innovations continue to affect our lives through medical practices still common today, including pregnancy tests, pills, inhalations, eye drops, and over four hundred drug names. Even cultural and leisure pursuits were derived from ancient Egypt: the harp is an elaboration of the Egyptian lyre, and the royal wife Nefertari played chess. Gifts from the Pharaohs is a fascinating exploration of how the ancient and modern worlds converge.
Author: Noblecourt Christiane
ISBN: 9782080305626
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 186 x 260