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Garibaldi - Bookhero
Garibaldi - Bookhero


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One of the world's greatest reformers, Garibaldi won his first battle against Aegean pirates, his last against German dragoons, and in between went to jail in Russia and led Brazilian rebels on the field. Twice an admiral and seven times a general, and a high government official in at least five countries, his passion always remained his Italian homeland. An unmatched and definitive biography captures every thrilling aspect--personal and public--of this exemplary military figure, supreme politician, and even sometimes-farmer, who succeeded in making his dreams of a united Italy come true. "...dissects every facet of Garibaldi's loveable character and personality...Ridley excels all previous biographers when describing his subject's private life, and this exhaustive study is likely to remain the standard work for many years.--Philip Magnus, The Sunday Times. "Here is the story of a romantic hero who was also an intensely human practical man."--A.J.P. Taylor, The Observer.
Author: Jasper Ridley
ISBN: 9781842121528
Formart: Paperback
Pages: 736
Dimension: 237 x 220