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Freaky Green Eyes - Bookhero
Freaky Green Eyes - Bookhero

Freaky Green Eyes

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Later, I would think of it as crossing over. From a known territory into an unknown. From a place where people know you to a place where people only think they know you. It began with me a year ago this past July. A few weeks after my fourteenth birthday. When Freaky Green Eyes came into my heart. When her parents separate, Franky Pierson has no trouble deciding whose side she's on. After all, her mother is the one who chose to leave. And when her mother is suddenly reported missing, Franky believes she's simply pulled a disappearing act and deserted their family for good. But a part of Franky, a part she calls Freaky Green Eyes, knows that something is wrong. And it's up to Freaky to open Franky's eyes to the truth.
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
ISBN: 9780007183142
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 128 x 194