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Everytime We Say Goodbye - Bookhero
Everytime We Say Goodbye - Bookhero

Everytime We Say Goodbye

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Marianne has worked hard to get where she is today. Brought up in care, she's always been determined to make sure her children have what she so badly craved: a secure and loving home. But then comes the news that will change everything: her husband, Dominic, has been found dead. But as Marianne listens, she realises that not everything adds up: Dom had said he was at work, and yet he died at a restaurant. And what's more, his mobile phone has disappeared. As she, and the police, delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Dominic's death, they discover a web of lies which conceal a shady double life. And those lies now threaten to tear apart everything that Marianne has worked so hard for. Now, as Marianne stares down at her husband's coffin, little does she realise that the worst is yet to come…
Author: Colette Caddle
ISBN: 9781847399625
Format: paperback
Pages: 416
Dimensions: 1 x 200