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Links to Dogs, Vol. 7 by Shirow Miwa
Links to Dogs, Vol. 7 by Shirow Miwa

Dogs, Vol. 7

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Reads R to L (Japanese Style). Boasting furious action, switchback plotting, magnetic characters and dazzling art, Dogs tells the story of four individuals struggling to survive a dystopian urban future by gun and sword and courage and luck. When Naoto and Heine confront Magato and Campanella FrÜhling together for the first time, the blades and bullets fly—but the damage wrought by a shocking revelation could prove even greater. What will Naoto do when she learns the deeply buried truths behind the tragic incident that has defined her life? Meanwhile, as Director Neubaten moves to gain control of the Below, Angelika EinstÜrzen finally emerges from the dark...
Dimensions:127 x 191
Author: Shirow Miwa
ISBN: 9781421549187
Format: Paperback
Pages 210