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Conspiracy - Bookhero
Conspiracy - Bookhero


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22 November 1963: Dallas, Texas. US President John F Kennedy is assassinated as his motorcade passes through the city's streets. The assassin is soon captured, and revealed to be disaffected Communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald. Did Oswald act alone, or did he have help? Is the Bilderberg Group simply a group of international financiers concerned with promoting democracy throughout the world, or is there a more sinister power at work? And what really happened to Princess Diana's Mercedes one warm August nigh in a Paris underpass?

Conspiracy looks at a range of the most interesting theories of this nature, from the risibly far-fetched, such as the belief that the world is run by the lizard people, to the only-too-true and tragic such as the overthrow and murder of Chilean President Salvador Allende
Author: Charlotte Greig
ISBN: 9781788280150
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 18 x 131