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1066 - SENLAC RIDGE, ENGLAND. WILLIAM THE BASTARD, DUKE OF NORMANDY DEFEATS HAROLD GODWINSON, KING HAROLD II OF ENGLAND IN WHAT WILL BECOME KNOWN AS THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS.The battle is hard fought and bloody; thousands of lives are spent, including that of King Harold. But England will not be conquered easily - the Anglo-Saxons will not submit meekly to Norman rule.Although his heroic deeds will nearly be lost to legend, one man unites the resistance. His name is Hereward of Bourne, the champion of the English. His honour, bravery and skill at arms will change the future of England. His is the legacy of the noble outlaw.This is his story.
Author: Stewart Binns
ISBN: 9780718156770
Format: Paperback
Pages: 496
Dimensions: 129 x 198