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Coldheart Canyon - Bookhero
Coldheart Canyon - Bookhero

Coldheart Canyon

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A famous Hollywood actor loses his looks - and is drawn into the dark and twisted world of Coldheart Canyon... Following extensive cosmetic surgery, Hollywood superstar Todd Pickett needs somewhere to hide away while his scars heal. His manager finds the ideal location, Coldheart Canyon - a dream-palace hidden away in a corner of the city so secret it doesn't even appear on a map. In the 20s, 'A' list stars came to the Canyon to have the kind of parties nobody was supposed to know about. It wasn't just the wild sex and the drugs that made Katya's parties so memorable. There was a door in the bowels of the dream-palace, which reputedly opened onto another world - the Devils' Country - where nothing was forbidden. Nothing. With his refuge now a prison, Todd needs to get out of Coldheart Canyon. But to do that he must not only solve its mysteries but also face the powers that have protected it for seven decades, and that means stepping through the door... As a Hollywood insider with a keen eye for its idiocies and horrors Clive Barker is uniquely positioned to write this vitriolic Tinseltown ghost story. Coldheart Canyon is an irresistible and unmerciful picture of Hollywood and its demons, told with all the style and raw narrative power that have made Barker's books and films a worldwide phenomenon.
Author: Clive Barker
ISBN: 9780006510406
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 672
Dimensions: 109 x 176