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From Athabaskan shot pouches to Xhosa neckpieces, from Greenland to Bali. . . in this remarkable book, beadwork from all around the world is illustrated and its history revealed. The worldwide transformation of beads into intricate articles and embellishments is turned into a coherent story for the first time. The result will inspire collectors and designers, and anyone interested in art, craft and fashion. After an introduction and an in-depth survey of bead manufacturing centres in Europe and Asia, the book is organized into five principal sections, with over 40 topics. Four main regional sections - on Africa; the Americas; Asia, Oceania and the Arabian Gulf; and Europe - outline the history and trade routes of beads in each area, with an accompanying map, before examining the beadwork in detail.
Author: Caroline Crabtree
ISBN: 9780500510803
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 240 x 290