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Alchemy of a Leader - Bookhero
Alchemy of a Leader - Bookhero

Alchemy of a Leader

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The book that shows you how to blend the world's best management skills to outperform your competition . "Alchemy of a Leader provides practical and useful interpretations for many of the most intriguing contrasts between Japanese and Western management styles. Rehfeld has drawn upon his substantial experience as an executive within the U.S. operations of Japanese companies to create a thoughtful, experience-based guide. He correctly asserts that synthesizing powerful, productive practices across management cultures will be an important skill for tomorrow's winners in the global economy. Alchemy is well worth reading." --Kenichi Ohmae Managing Director, McKinsey & Company, Inc. author of The Borderless World "Alchemy of a Leader shows us a new and unique global leadership style. John Rehfeld has held senior management positions in both business worlds and he shows us what works and what doesn't work in the unique marriage of the opposing truths of the Western and Japanese management cultures." --Spencer Johnson coauthor, The One-Minute Manager "John Rehfeld's book is a quick and easy read. Based on his personal experience as an executive at Seiko and Toshiba, Rehfeld uses business practices of successful Japanese companies as a mirror to reflect on the problems of Western management." --Michael Brimm Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management, INSEAD The European Institute of Business Administration "A practical, earthy, no-nonsense approach to business." --Irvin W. Maloney President and CEO, Dataproducts Corporation ".John Rehfeld clearly articulates why the best way is not OUR way or THEIR way but an intelligent combination of the two." --Edward M. Esber, Jr. President and CEO Creative Labs, Inc. "As companies continue to globalize, the search for a 'world management style' will continue. What may well emerge is something along the lines suggested in Alchemy of a Leader." --Dennis Laurie, Ph.D. The Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center Claremont Graduate School "A delight to read and filled with just plain good stuff. It is experience and wisdom shared. John Rehfeld provides a fantastic learning experience on how to do things better." --Walter F. Beran Ernst & Young
Author: John E. Rehfeld
ISBN: 9780471008361
Format: Paperback
Pages: 251
Dimensions: 152 x 232